About me

Thank you for checking my about page !!!

My name is Chel and im a 19 year old artist

This is my personal website that i maintain purely for fun. Ive been working on this page ever since 2019 (i think). Originally i wanted to add a bunch of stuff like masterlists and shrines but i dont have a lot of time anymore ... I try to update whenever i feel the inspiration (and time) again.

Also Great News !!! This page works on mobile !!! Its the only one so far but i hope to make all my pages responsive one day

Personal Blog: patchqork
Art Blog: patchqork

Add me to your website if you want to !!! I appreciate very much

now playing: ...

ameuta - ontama
vague ontology - seventh heaven MAXION
ラクトガール ~ 少女密室 - liverne
madoromi afternoon - di-gi charat ost
pantomime - wjsn
OMG - newjeans

To do list !!!

1. make it look less messy ofc
2. add fav characters section
3. add literally me section
4. finish the like section !!! asap !!!
5. add a bunch more of stamps i have like 300 of these saved

My favorite things



As you can see theres only two (2) sections so far... I still want to add a lot more but i dont have time to write rn ... so this is obviously a wip for now !!!

Blinkies & Stamps

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