about me

hi hii thank yout for visiting my site

my name is chel and im 16 y/o girl artist, i made this site mostly for fun, html is fun,
also im from brazil and i like old web things

i dont like leaving my home i just like drawing and talking to my online friends all day

i kinda of lost interest on this for a time but now i have interest again


im very passionate about my interests, so i like writing about them a lot

my currtent main interest is twisted wonderland and my favourite characters
are rook and sebek (i literally love them sm), twst got me into reading fanfic which
was something i never really cared about, i dont even like disney that much i just like the characters

other than that i also have a big interest in doujin music circles, im still very new to it
but i really enjoy doujin music and i plan to write about my favoiurite circles

ALSO i love the binding of isaac its literally my favourite game ever, i have like 200 hours
on it but i still dont have 50% of the achievments

about my actual hobbies, my only hobbie is drawing and creating ocs, which im also
very passionate about, i hope to make a visual novel one say with my ocs


love solfege

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