Talking about music i like

because i have such a big interest in music, i decided to make a page about it

more specifically, im gonna write about my favourite doujin circles because i
feel like some of them deserve more recognition

also theres this channel on youtube who uploaded most of the songs i listen to
to youtube, huge thanks to them for uploading these albums

Genkaku Aria

Genkaki Aria (or Hallucination Aria) is a project created by yukki in collaboration with various singers, they make gothic/symphonic rock music and currently this is my
favourite doujin circle, i really hope i can present Genkaku Aria songs to more people, as i feel this group is incredibly underrated

my favourite album is 凍傷ヒステリア and my favourite song (in this same album) is 幻想ディスティネーション because it sounds nostalgic for me, even if i had never heard it before

Youtube Channel

page under costruction because im lazy lol