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Thank you for coming!

This is my personal website for anythinig I like


15.11.2023 - huge update on my about page !!! ive been working on this for a few months now and its still not 100% done yet but i redid everything !!!

08.07.2023 - updated the art paged !!! it honestly looked soo ugly before

03.07.2023 - new layout is done!!! this looks soo much better im so happy with how it turned out!!! there is still some job to do + i want to update other pages but im very happy right now (also i made this page the index, so no more enter page)

02.07.2023 - working on new layout!!!

Currently Listening to ...

亂世エロイカ by ALI PROJECT

I recently got into ALI PROJECT because of this song as its the opening for Fate Extra and now im totally obsessed with the group as a whole !!! Other song I really liked is 聖少女領域, the second OP of Rozen Maiden


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