cool links and stuff

a collection of fun, old websites, one of my hobbies is to hunt for these on the web
i have a certain appretiation for old websites like these

oocities sites

oocities is a massive archive of geocities websites!
i have some fun websites saved from oocities, its a very big archive

The Anime Zone
Aino Senshi
Heart And Soul
Lamb's Christian Graphics
Adorable Backgrounds & Borders too

angelfire sites

angelfire is a plataform to create sites, much like neocities i guess (idk), it has a lot
of old sites and unlike geocities, it is still available without an archive|!
(also be careful that these sites may download some midis without your concent, it always scares me too)

Crouse House Graphics Page
Banner Exchange
Taz-s Webtv E-mail Gifs
Pinkies Parlour
Roca Mia Graphics

sites around the web

other fun sites i found, most are material sites


if you wish to have your website removed from here, please do not hesitate to tell me,
all i want is to share these cute sites with more people

more will be added soon . . .